Thanking you

“People, who read less, are more interested to talk about things they have just read for show off”. The girl stated in a very careless way.

Pretending that the comment did not reach into his ear, the boy continued telling a story that he just read yesterday.

The table was at the corner of the office canteen. A small gathering that took place every day of close colleagues. The place was a run away from daily office politics and discuss on whichever topic they have some interest in.

The boy took a pause to catch his breath and looked at the girl. The girl looked away and concentrated on her cell phone to avoid eye contact.

He tried to ignore the comment and some laughs that rose on that table and continued with what he had to say in first place. Winding up a bit earlier than he anticipated, he let the discussion ongoing with other topics.

They all continued the conversation for the rest of the day as usual over snacks being sold over a fast food counter.  The gathering continued for some more months with lesser people attending and eventually stopped as they all left the common workplace.

Years later, the boy continues to read as and when he could. Since his childhood, he was fond of stories. Fascinated by the world of movies, the boy ignored the beauty of imagination that ignites when reading fiction.  It was a mere fact that the boy started taking this form of storytelling seriously after the girl. The boy still remembers the day when she explained him how reading fiction can open windows to new worlds in more ways than movies could possibly do.

The boy still remembers the sharp comment and thanks the girl by heart. Had it not been her, he would have not enjoyed so many silent moments alone over past years reading so many stories of hope, despair, joy, betrayal emotions he did not know suitable words for.

He could not forget the incident but really enjoyed a lot reading alone and not sharing his thought to people close to him ever. It is a price that his close associates need to pay unless he becomes a storyteller himself.


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  1. Soumyajit says:

    “The Fountainhead” is all i remember.By the time I finished, the boy had already moved to “Atlas Shrugged” and then there was no stopping..!!


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