‘Mother, let us have a cup of tea together before I leave.’ said the teenager to his sobbing mother. He was getting ready in his fathers’ shoes that did not fit him perfectly. His father went to the war last month. They have not heard of him since then. Now, orders were given for every boy of more than 15 years to report to the war front as their country needed them in this difficult situation. They are not aware of who had the authority of commanding such illegal dedication for their country. Nonetheless they have to follow it.

‘Sure son. Let me prepare it for you.’ replied the mother, wiping her tears.

‘No, wait. Let me get it for us. You stay in bed.’ he said in a hurry and went to the kitchen. He lit the oven and put water to boil in a kettle.

‘I do not understand the reason for you to go there. Your father already went there and he did not come back. We already have lost one member of our family to this war. You are the only one left with me now. I do not want to lose you. If your father was here he would not have allowed you to go at any cost. This ordinance is illegal and we should never conform to this precarious act.’ cried her mother from her bed.

‘Mom, it would not be for long. They say we are going to win. This will be over soon.’ said the son trying to comfort his ailing mother. His voice was trembling. He was trying to believe what he has just said.

‘It is a lie. I do not believe any one of them. Opponents are really strong and they are approaching very fast. They have captured many villages on the coast line and burned everything down to ashes. I heard it in the radio other day. Now the broadcasting has also stopped. Why do you think so?’

‘I do not know mom but you do not worry.’ said the son clearing his throat. He opened the small leather potion bottle that the dignitaries who came to his school for recruiting gave them. They talked for long hours and lectured them on patriotism and martyrdom. They gave one bottle to each of them for worst times’ sake. They lectured a long on the fate of ‘Prisoner of war’. They instructed a lot about what needs to be done at what time. He kept the bottle in his left pocket.

They drank tea together. He hugged his mom tightly and kissed on her cheek. After letting his mother falling asleep, he left the house and went for the longest journey of his life.

He was a believer of God. Since he left his house on that day for war front, every single prayer he wished for his death in the war so he does not need to go back to her mother lying on bed in their house. She laid down there where his son left her. Her face turned blue by the effect of poison.

Her son definitely saved her from the excruciating pain of losing her underage son on a battle, let alone the fate she would have survived as a post wartime woman prisoner later.


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  1. Soumyajit says:

    Wow..! Darun likhechis..!


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    Speechless…. Just awesome….


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    Your writing is second to none 👌


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      Bhai. Eta anek barabari haye gelo. 🙂


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        Ekdom na😉


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