Fabricated story

‘How was the party last night? When did you come back from the club?’ asked the lady to her friend. Both of them were enjoying cup of smoking hot coffee in the evening. It is the time that they meet with friends before going back to home from office. They were only two. They were waiting for more friends to join in. Later on they would decide if they would head towards home or to any club for drinks. Both of them were working in multi-national companies. Their business card did not give a slightest hint what they did in office. They have their husbands as homemaker, taking care of kids.

‘It was really good. I left the party at around midnight. Oh dear, what a waste I was yesterday. I had to call up my chauffeur to take me home. I could not drive my car.’ was the reply with a sly smile.

‘You should be careful. You have to take the highway every time you get back to your place. Better be careful while you return from these parties. Oh, by the way, I read about an incident in the newspaper today. Two girls had raped a young guy in the car while driving through the highway the day before yesterday. Have you read the story?’

‘Phew! I do not believe a single bit of this nonsense. These are all fabricated stories. Now a day, media creates these goofed up stories.’

‘No. It must be true. The guy has reported in police yesterday. Police is looking for those girls. They were coming back from a party. The guy knew these girls through a common friend. He asked them to drop him home.’

‘Do you believe in this story? There is no way on earth that these girls could rape the guy inside a car. Trust me. I will give you a car. I will give you a guy. I will be driving the car. You show me how you could rape the guy in back seat. If you can do it then only I can agree. Trust me, these are all fabricated stories. You can never rape a guy in a moving car. Mark on my words.’

‘Well. They say the guy was pretty much injured.’

‘Listen to me. They might have been coming back from the party and went to someplace else. Now something might have happened there and the guy wants to harass those girls. It is impossible to rape a guy in the moving car. Trust me.’

‘That also could be the case. Not sure. I think no one else will be coming here today. Let’s pay for the coffee and go back home. Tomorrow I have an early morning meeting and I need to get prepared for it.’

‘OK. Let’s go.’


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Soumyajit says:

    Are you trying to highlight the apathy of a regular biased, feminist woman or is it like
    “It is impossible to rape a guy in the moving car. Trust me(, I have been there and I have tried to but couldn’t)”.


    1. parthomon says:

      🙂 It was a conversation that I overheard. Just changed the sexes. 🙂


      1. parthomon says:

        Not sure if the guy tried this or not though.


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