“Are you going to work today?” asked the husband after returning home.

The wife was getting dressed in front of the mirror. The husband was too tired after coming home from a series of failed job interviews and vague promises from other cunning acquaintances for future job prospects in exchange of unusual favours.

“Darling, do you fancy a cup of coffee?” asked the husband “I really need one”.

“Sure.” was the reply from her. Mindfully using mascara on her long beautiful eyelashes.

He put water to boil. They lived in a studio apartment in far corner of a town. This is what they could afford when they decided to move from the town centre which was far more expensive place to be in. It was on the top floor of the house. The ceiling had a glass window pane. They could see the stars at night from their bed lying awake. During daytime, it saved electricity for them.

Couple of minutes later, he brought the coffee and put it on the shelf in front of mirror. He could not resist himself hugging her from the back when she looked at him. He kissed on her neck that smelt of eau de cologne.

“Please do not go to work today. It is our marriage anniversary. We can have a nice time together.” He looked at her in the eye. Most expressive and beautiful eye he had ever seen. The eyes he had fall for many years ago and still madly in love with.

“We are running behind our rent. Couple of more bills are also pending. I do not get paid if I do not go for work. The house owner will be here this weekend for rent. I have to go to work. It is for both of us. We need to be a bit more practical about the situation. I hate to go but I need to. Please understand.”

They finished the coffee and discussed about his day in job search and mundane things. Practical world and needs have made them forget how special the day was to them just four years ago when the married. They loved each other from the very core of their heart, but both of them remained silent about the topic to avoid any emotional spell between them.

After finishing their coffee, she stood up and kissed him on the lips. She hurried herself to the bus stop.

Thirty minutes later, she reached her destination and waited. She lit up a cigarette and smoked in hurry. She was thinking about her husband and their marriage anniversary celebration last year. He had a job back then supporting them. She remained at home to take care of household works. Suddenly she could feel spasm in her throat remembering those days.

She put off the cigarette on the street and cleared her voice. She took her handkerchief and wiped out the tear in her eyes. It gently smudged her eye liner a bit. She was waiting there standing still.

After a while a car came and halted in front of her. She got into the back seat of the car. She greeted the person next to her with a fake smile and asked “Where are we going?”


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  1. Soumyajit says:

    A so called ‘damn’ ending….!Good.


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