“Hi dear, It’s a lovely day. Isn’t it?” greeted the best-selling author while shaking hands with his attorney. He came a long way for this meeting. He wanted to discuss on the next day court proceedings with her.

“Hello Sir. Yes it is a lovely day. After a long time, I could see clear sky all over again.”

“Well yeah. This gives me hope for coming days. Just like in my case. They do not stand any chance. We are going to prove them tomorrow that the plaintiff is a jerk who just wants to get some easy cash out of me and abate my reputation in literary word. I would never let that happen at any cost.” said the author confidently. He pulled out a cigar from his coat pocket and asked permission to light it up. She nodded in agreement.

She stood up from his chair and pulled out a file from his book shelf.

“I went through your novel once again. I also read the novel of another writer in question. There was striking similarity in both the central characters of these two novels. I could see that both the characters are not only similar by name but the way both of you have portrayed these characters are also same. From the description of their looks to their behavioral description they are similar. Though the words have not been copied exactly, I could not deny that one of the characters was copied from another. Now, the other author published his novel four years earlier and it was not a success then. I understand there could be many reason behind it. Your novel on the other hand got critical acclaim till date owing to the story line and also not to forget your past achievements and contribution to literary industry.”

“What the hell.” said the author in utter disbelief. “Do you think I need to copy ideas and characters for my novels from any amateur writers? Do you think I need that? I told you no lie. I did not steal any of the content from that goddamn novel at all. My characters are real and I have developed every single layer of it from my imagination. The scumbag wants some instant fame by accusing me of plagiarism. I would never let that happen. Now you need to get this thing out of your head and get me out of this mess. Please. Will you?”

“Please. Listen to me. I am here for you and trying to get to the best outcome from this conflicting situation. I also checked on something more related to this. Let me get to the point. Do you remember of any holiday four years earlier in summer while completing your previous book?”

“Yes. I was staying in British countryside, far away from crowd. I stayed there for the whole summer to finish my work without any outside distraction.”

“Ok. Let me tell you that the author in question is native of the same British countryside that you visited.”

“How does it matter anyway? It is a mere co-incidence”

“I had a check with your secretary and got to know that you were regular to their local library for a lonely time, reading books and plotting final stages of your book. Being a local of this neighborhood, that guy held couple of book reading workshops soon after he published his book to make his locals aware of his achievements. He used to read excerpts from his book to the readers.”

“I never attended any such book reading workshops. I used to go there to get some books for me if needed and read there if possible. Those books were marvels of English literature, not any novel from an amateur writer.”

“I agree. You must have been doing so.  So you got the connection between you and the guy. Now after that I had a discussion with one of my friend who is a renowned psychoanalytic professor. According to him, there are chances that you might have overheard his story reading unwillingly.”

“I did not overhear anything. I used to go there for serious reading. Not for some kind of fun.”

“Yes. Being an avid reader and full of imagination, your subconscious mind has achieved a higher level of active state where you could perform one task at one time with great concentration, however, your subconscious can absorb more from the environment you are into. In this case it absorbed the excerpts from the book reading. When you started working on your next book and looking for a character which matches with the one you heard long back about, you conscious mind could not overcome the dominance of your subconscious. Willingly or unwillingly, your character became strikingly similar to the one you heard long back.”

“So you think that I kind of overheard and copied his character for my book. You also are accusing me of plagiarism.”

“There is a difference. I could certainly get help from my professor friend and we could work this out together. There will surely be a way to prove it.”

“Enough!” hurled the author pointing his finger at her. “Now you want to prove that I am some kind of psychotic patient to get me out of this false allegation.”

“You misjudged me. I think there could be another possible way of getting out of this case without any harm to any parties.”

“My reputation is at stake.” said the professor frowning at her. “I think I better need another lawyer”.

He hurried to the exit of the chamber. The sky has again turned cloudy suggesting heavy downpour.


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  1. chhayapathe says:

    Concept is really good..! You can make it a psychological ‘thriller’..


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