Writing 101, Day 1: I write because…..

I want to tell stories.

I believe that if we look around with non-judgemental attitude, this world that we live in is full of stories. Each and every person around us could be a central character of a small story. Even a non-living thing could be a part of an extraordinary story if touched by human emotion.

I like reading fiction. The author of any fiction creates an imaginary world out of nothing. When I was in high school, I was told that you cannot create anything out of nothing in this world. Scientifically, it is impossible to have output without an input. In fiction, the author puts her intellect, imagination, perception of conflict situations to create a wonderful tale that the reader could enjoy. A story that creates a visual effect on the reader’s subconscious mind is true to itself and of highest quality. A reader can always relate to a good story in spite of having broad cultural or socio-economical gap between the reader and the characters. That is what I believe is the power of a good story. I want to write such stories that people can relate to.

Who does not like stories? I remember, back in my school days, we had one English teacher who was our favourite. When he was in the classroom, pin drop silence reigned. We used to have one period of English grammar, four times a week with him. Out of that, one was for telling stories. He was a marvellous storyteller. We used to listen to his stories mesmerised. That was the power of stories to control a bunch of school kids who given on any occasion was eager to break the silence above all. He only had one condition on which we all agreed upon. We used to wait for his stories for the entire week. Everyone tried to maintain silence if not inevitable and abide by his rules of home works and tests. So much for one story, once a week.

I want to put down the way I perceive this universe and how each and every character is interacting on it. Tiny incidents, that left an everlasting impression on me, I want to write about them. Every human conflict situation is a tangled rope. Untangling this rope gives birth to a new perception and hence a new story is born. I want to capture these perceptions and want to make my readers mull over it, hoping that they would also enjoy the story more than I have enjoyed creating them.

You need one good story to make your child sleep at night. You need one good story to make your toddler finish the meal which you know is not at all tasty but healthy and necessary. You need one good story to keep the entire audience of a theatre enchanted for the whole duration. You need one true story to keep someone else motivated for a long term goal. You need one powerful satire to hit at the core of a corrupt and fearful system. So is the power of stories. I have been a receiver of all such types throughout my life. I want to contribute to this cycle by creating stories that can serve these purposes.

Storytelling is far more powerful that I had imagined. I have witnessed evil forces being fearful to stories that criticise their fake ideology. We have witnessed bloggers die for their writing, world acclaimed novelist becoming stateless, living on exile.

They have their own agenda of writing. They take up writing to change the world for good. I aspire to contribute to their battle through my stories. I am not in a mood or position to debate whether pen is mightier than sword or not. I believe every battle cannot be won by sword, for those, pen is the only ammunition.  Imagination, logical thinking, imagination and will to enlighten darker paths will form artillery.

I aspire to be a storyteller. I write to be one of good quality.


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  1. haloangel1 says:

    Your desire to share story reminds me of one of my paintings called, Co-Author http://angelambrose.com/co-author/?rq=coauthor


    1. parthomon says:

      Did not know you have another blog. Nice painting. Liked the blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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