Writing 101, Day 5: Hook’em with a quote.

“To say “I love you” one must know first how to say the “I”.”
― Ayn RandThe Fountainhead

 Raj was waiting in front of the park gate for more than thirty minutes now. He was waiting for Nisha to come and meet him there. Nisha asked him to come and wait over there at 10:30 in the morning. He came fifteen minutes earlier. Not because of his punctuality but he did not want Nisha to wait there for him alone. He was waiting there looking at people going in and out of the park. He was looking at his watch in every two minutes.

He was excited. It was not his first date with any girl. He had many short lived relationships before and numerous such similar encounters. He never dragged any one of those relationships more than couple of months.  He considered himself to be charismatic and enjoyed closeness with different girls.

This girl was a lot more different than others. She was into music and arts. She did not mingle much with boys. She was intelligent. Raj had his eye on her since they start taking same philosophy class in college. Raj was pretty much sure that Nisha might not be easy to get involved with. He tried to talk to her couple of times but Nisha was taciturn when it came to boys. Raj could not progress much.

To get her attention, Raj prepared a love letter. It described pretty much how Raj thought about Nisha and how ultimate a couple they would make. It included quotes from legendary novelists. The letter ended with a poem depicting beauty of Aphrodite. He channelled this letter to her through a mutual friend. After waiting for one more week, he got reply. He was asked to wait in front of the children’s park at 10:30 in the morning on next Sunday. So there he was.

After a while, he could see Nisha coming this way. He started walking towards her. He welcomed her with abroad smile. She seemed to be in hurry. She handed over a letter to him and said “I did not want to send it over by anyone else; I can take care of my own business. You sent me a letter and here is the reply. I am getting late for my dance class. Bye”.

Raj saw her leaving. He looked like a stupid standing there with a folded letter in his hand. He decided to walk on the opposite direction to her. He opened the note and started reading. It was a single page letter.


Firstly, there was no point involving a friend in between us. You could have directly asked me to take this note of yours. At least you could have posted it to my address easily if there was any problem facing me.

The letter was a nice gesture, I must agree. I read the letter a couple of times and could feel that it was mostly filled with quotes or poems which I believe were none of your own composition. What was the point in keeping all these in such a personal letter? I did not get it. Anyways, I hope you did not do this just to impress me showing your interest in arts or poetry. If that was the case, I would have loved to see at least one of your creations. Failed to see any. However, I was concentrating on the rest of the writings. It was nice, heart touching.

I was thinking about how to reply for this letter. I asked one of my very close friends about this. He stays in the same hostel that you stay in and voila. Everyone there was so well informed about how you made one of your friends write this letter for you.

You should be ashamed for this. You want to tell me something and you can but you asked someone to write such personal letter for you. Not sure how many girls have fallen for this. I am not definitely.

I believe, we would meet in college and I do not want any embarrassing moment between us. I’ll try to forget what had happened and not judge anyone for this anymore.

Just would like to tell you one thing. Don’t pretend to be someone else for the sake of achieving anything. You mentioned that how much you loved me in the letter but every time it was the boy who wrote this letter was speaking to me. It was not you.


Raj could not decide how to react. His face became red out of shame.


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