Writing 101, Day 8: Reinvent the letter Format.

Dear Alcohol,

I must not ask you how you are doing. I believe you are doing very well. Well yeah, I am not mean. The way you are becoming popular day by day, I must say you are doing well. I cannot ask you also where you have been to these days. I remember you were there in my living room yesterday till my friends and I took you out your living space and mixed in our blood. Yeah I know, we did not entirely mixed you in our blood, some of you went to our livers just to make those enlarged someday or may be even worse, and you could make them rot like hell.

I must admit, we liked your flavour yesterday. That reminds me one question. What is your exact colour and flavour? I have never seen you in your original colour. No. I am not racist. I am brown you see. I just want to see you in your pure colour and smell you like I do to any nice fragrance or a bloomed red rose, not plucked. I want to kiss you like any beast would kiss its beauty, with closed eyes, guilt free.

Now a day, you come in so many different colours that I cannot figure out your true colour. People mix you with anything these days. They do not even spare the sweetest of fruit juices. Sometimes they make you taste sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes cola flavoured and so on. I cannot name all of them. Well, yes, now a day you come with chocolates as well. I believe you come ready for all palettes in different mood.

Do you remember the day we first met? Oh, you don’t. Ok. I understand. You meet with new people every day. Somewhere in this world, someone is waiting to meet you for the first time in their life. You do not remember them but very few of them could forget you, so long lasting is your impression. No I am not angry. I really understand.

I met with you eleven years ago. Looooong time. Look at me, I am also and ardent fan of yours, you may not get it. Recently I celebrated my eleven years of friendship with you. That day also happens to be my Birthday. J So, I called my parents in the morning. Received blessings from them. I talked to my friends and well-wishers throughout the day but, finally I spent quality times with you.

Anyways, let me tell you why I am writing this letter to you. I wanted to meet every form of yours, see every colours that you can have, smell every aroma that you could hold and taste every different sensation that you could give to my tongue. After eleven years, I could not even get close to that. I realized long ago that it would not be possible. People are very shrewd. They mix you with anything in this world and ask people like me to have an encounter with your new form. Now, I even do not remember how you were when we first met.

Sometimes, I meet you alone, although these occasions are very rare. Sometimes I meet you with my friends or colleagues. Every time, I could feel lowering of my inhibitions. Every time I meet you, I also meet another self of mine, joyful, fearless, talkative, extrovert.

Every rendezvous with you comes with an advisory note written on your dress. I know it very well. However, sometimes, I decide to spend some more time with you and sometimes I have to due to my other companionship. That has resulted disastrous ending for the happy spell many a times earlier. I thought many a time to abandon the very idea of meeting with you. Every time, I went further, old memories brought me back to you. Those elated spirits, slow moving outside world, and empty mind enjoying bliss of nature. I miss these things the most without you.

I may be overthinking. Back in my country, people debates about proper age since when they can start ask you out on a date publicly. People cannot name you over advertisement in TV. When I was a child, I saw an advertisement of music cassettes and went to a music shop asking for it. The shop keeper had no idea of what it was or he must have decided not to tell me about it. Now I know what it is. I also try to ignore the questions regarding those advertisements on newspaper and TV when asked by my siblings. Now I am in another country where people above certain age can meet you at any place and at any time. Oh. How place and time changes for people in love.

Yes, I am writing this letter to you when I am sober. I am not at all intoxicated. I swear by your name I like the most. I understand now, why do I like to meet you so much. It is to fill a void. Perhaps, the void was created by me. I am waiting for someone or something to fill that void. The day I find that someone or something more addictive than you, I shall leave you. Till then, let me have a nice and memorable time with you.



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