Writing 101, Day 9: Writing and not writing.

Rajashri always wished, if God could make the day a bit longer than 24 hours. She could then pursue her passion for writing. She enjoyed her lone writing spells a lot. She was very bad at time management and hated multitasking. That is why she always preferred a long stretch of writing time alone. Before marriage, she had lot of spare time while staying with her parents. She never needed to perform much of the household chores and she spent her time the way she wanted. She could watch movies for long time, read books of her favourite author. Not sure what she wanted from life, but she liked spending alone time with her notebook. She could scribble for day long.

After marriage, she had to move out of her parental house and hometown. She started doing all household chores herself. The city she lived in was much expensive so they could not afford household help. Her in laws were always staying with her in the house. She had to take care of them as well. She was not accustomed to such efforts so it took her much more time than she had ever imagined. She could get some free spells but she longed for long stretch of lone time like she used to get earlier.

She had to be a good home maker and she knew it. So, she performed all her duties with much care. She waited to perfect her duties and within less time frame to accommodate her writing time in her daily life. She procrastinated a lot and waited for the right time to start again.

After two years, they welcomed a baby boy into their life. Then she had to shift many of her daily household activities according to need of the baby.  Her free time lessened a lot due to this. She had to wake up several times at night to feed her baby. She started praying for some more time in a day to the God she had faith in.

One day, while she was feeding her baby on the bed, deprived from rest, she went half asleep sitting on the bed, leaning against the wall behind. She had no idea of time then. She drifted to a different world in her dream.

In this world, she could see six more digits in a clock. Wow. Isn’t it amazing how she could get 30 hours a day, she thought. Everything in this world started moving very fast for her in front of her eyes.

She looked at herself in the dream world, feeding her baby in the same bed. After feeding, she put the baby by her side on bed and decided to take rest. After an hour or two, the baby started crying. She again took the child on her lap and started feeding. Every time she made her baby sleep and went to sleep, the baby would wake up again after two hours demanding his next supply of food.

She could not get a long spell that she hoped for; moreover she was tired so she also wanted to get some rest. She thought about the 30 hours day in this world and procrastinate her decision of writing. In the early morning following day, she woke up and fed her baby. She went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for the entire family. It took the same amount of time it used to take in her real life. She then packed lunch for her husband and had breakfast with everyone in family. She fed the baby again. It was time for her to apply mustard oil and massage the baby for bone strength and good health. She did this work carefully. Then she performed her daily household routines starting from washing clothes to mop each and every room to clean.

It was again time for lunch. She had her lunch with her in laws and then cleaned up all utensils. She hated this work the most. Again it was feeding time for her baby. Then she had an afternoon nap and waited for the evening to come. The whole evening she could be able to write. To her dismay, she again went to kitchen for another spell of heavy cooking. It was not dinner time but as the day elongated, she had to take care of everyone’s appetite and hence she had to do another round of cooking followed by eating and dish washing. She had to feed her baby a couple of more times. She again repeated similar chores one more time at night.

Oh God. She was in the same position in her dreams as she was in her real life. The whole day of her working moved very fast in front of her eyes in that dream. Panic stricken, she woke up from her half awaken sleep. She realized that she would never get enough time like she wanted amidst all her duties. No matter how long the day would become, her chores would get repeated if not varied in nature. On that very day, she realized it was her, who could change this routine of hers and fulfil her passion for writing.

Waking up, she looked at her baby sleeping on her lap. She put the baby by her side in bed. She took out the notebook and pen from the bedside drawer. She looked at the child sleeping and smiled affectionately. She had two more hours before the next feed, she thought. She started what she thought but did not manage to do for long. She started writing.


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  1. Marquessa says:

    Nicely done! I look forward to reading more of your blog. 🙂


    1. parthomon says:

      Thanks. Glad that you liked it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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