Writing 101, Day 15:

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
— Astronomer Carl Sagan

Mr. Bharadwaj was late in office after a long time. Given his position in this company, he can merely afford to be late. He had the responsibility to maintain relationship with the clients in an advertising farm. He always came early in the morning and left office late at night. It did not end here. In the last six months, he never had a dinner which was not with the clients. This was a special day. It was his third marriage anniversary. He went to the florist to order a bouquet to his office in the evening. His wife demanded a dinner date and he could not refuse. He somehow managed to postpone his dinner schedules with his clients for that night and accommodate his wife on that special occasion.

He somehow managed to finish his work before his usual office hours end time. He went to the smoking zone inside office premise. He was alone there. It was Friday evening. He could not notice any of the junior employees in the office. After smoking, he went to his cabin and opened his mail. He could find a last time email from his boss asking for some details urgently. He started working on it and lost sense of time. He came to his senses when his cell phone rang. It was quiet late at night and his wife was waiting for him. He answered the call from his wife and in a hurry, he finished is current task at hand.

He fetched the bouquet from his desk drawer and set out. He was walking in a hurry towards his car parked in the office courtyard. Unmindfully he was walking on the courtyard when his feet collided with a stone and he fell on his knees. The bouquet he was holding slid from his hand and fell on the ground. He tried to stand up but felt immense pain on his right foot. He could barely stand on his feet and groaned loudly in pain.

It was late in the Friday night and no one was there to help him other than the old watchman Brijmohan. Brijmohan was sitting on a stool near the main gate of the office building. Watching Mr. Bharadwaj falling on the ground, he hurried to come and help.

“Are you all right sir? Let me help you” offered Brijmohan.

“I am not able to stand and walk properly. My right foot hurts. Help me to get into my car” replied Mr Bharadwaj in haste looking at old feeble BrijMohan in front of him.

The car was ten feet away. Brijmohan took Mr. Bharadwaj’s  left arm across his shoulder and pulled himself up. With this little help, Mr Bharadwaj slowly stood up and with little extra effort reached his car. He opened the car gate and sat on the driver’s seat. He tried to fold his right leg inside but was not able to move his right foot properly. He understood very soon that he would not be able to drive in this condition.

Mr Bharadwaj was too upset. He was not able to drive and it was too late to ask for help to any colleague or friend. His last resort was to call his wife and ask for her help. This would mean cancellation for his dinner and a spoilt anniversary date with his wife.

He asked Brijmohan to fetch his cell phone from ground that slipped from his pocket. He wanted to call his wife. Brijmohan picked the cell phone from ground and handed over.

“Oh. I wanted to go to dinner with my wife but I have to go to hospital now. She is waiting for me but I have to cancel the plan now” mumbled Mr. Bharadwaj.

Brijmohan understood the situation and asked Mr. Bharadwaj to wait for a while. He went towards the watchman residence and fetched a cup of oil. He asked Mr Bharadwaj to trust him and relax. He asked Mr Bharadwaj to put off his shoes and socks. Mr. Bharadwaj did not think that applying oil would heal his wound, however, he wanted to have this tested.

“Are you sure that applying oil will heal the pain? The way it pains, it could be muscle cramp or even worse” enquired Mr Baharadwaj but complied and did as Brijmohan said.

Brijmohan sat on the ground first had a proper look at the foot and applied oil on both of his palms.  He then started applying oil on the foot by pressurizing on the joint where the pain was more. His hands were moving slowly but firmly on the foot. Mr. Bharadwaj did not think that the grip of such an old man would be that strong but his pain started relieving. After ten minutes of intense therapy from the old man he felt no pain. He was surprised by the fact. He thought it was worse than a simple muscle cramp.

“I feel relieved now Brijmohan. Look, I can move my foot. It does not hurt much and I believe I can drive like this. How did you do this?” asked Mr Bharadwaj with smile.

“Sir, my father was a hakim in my village. He taught me some techniques back in my adolescence that did not forget. Now days, there is not much prospect in this business so I had to travel to city for a new occupation. You will need this therapy after regular interval to keep this pain away. It will require two to three more days for complete alleviation of this pain. I have done it now. You can go home without worrying. You will not feel pain for next six to eight hours. You can enjoy your dinner with your wife.” replied the old man smiling.


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  1. Wandering Soul says:

    This was so wonderfully narrated. Especially liked the positive ending.


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