Writing 101, Day 16: Facebook wall.

Gone are the days of cool Facebook status posts. At least I do not get to see much now days. Today I checked my entire wall. Sorry, it is timeline now. It reminds me some very old memories. Some of the posts, which I had shared earlier, Some of the suggestions to watch a movie or read a book, some very old pictures of mine with my friends that makes the timeline of an ordinary guy like me complete in Facebook.

As part of this writing exercise today, I do not want to write a very short story; rather I want to share some random thoughts that came to my mind while I was traveling backward through my timeline. J

I realized that people, with whom I did interact a bit more through Facebook in the beginning, were no longer in touch with me. It is not like technology has made us alien to each other. I believe that their story has gone to a different path than mine. I still remember some of these people whom I was really interested in talking to are no longer interested in a prolonged conversation. Technology brought us near but our choice and priorities took us far apart. The bridge is broken. Only the last string of rope that connects us is now Facebook. We are friends on Facebook only.

I realized that we used to talk on a single post of a friend. Lists of comments were more on a post back in my early days of Facebook than now. Now we live more on likes than our thoughts. May be liking a post or comment was similar to support the post or the argument made by the comment. Now days, like means that it has been seen by this many number of people or more. Well, who has time for everything now days?

It definitely makes me realize how I have changed over the years physically. No need to use any app to create a collage with my profile pictures. Keep it simple silly.

There were much more candid photographs uploaded back then. Now, we have more or less everyone posing in front of the DSLR. Do not want to comment about the photographers. Neither I have the ability to click such photographs nor do I have the intention to belittle anyone with whatever they do for their happiness. Some old photographs reminded me of my college days. There were photographs of first day of my job with my college mates. Comments on those photographs reminded me some silly jokes that we used to laugh on back then.

Most of all, we used to share one or two youtube links on Facebook. We had news feeds from authentic dailies to share. It seems that Facebook has now turned into an amalgamation of mini youtube, newspaper (Authentic or vicious ) and smaller subset of old Facebook. Change is good. I do not disagree. What I feel is the posts by individuals what can make us think on a subject are somewhere crying out for us to look into.


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