The other day, I read an article in The Hindu of cheesy pick up lines that men use. I do not want to dwell on the need or implications of using or creating pick up lines but it was fun reading the article though. It made me smile.

Here are some I could think of. Read ahead just for fun. 🙂

Facebook stalker: Hey pretty face!!!! Our timelines seems to be perfectly collinear to me. Don’t believe it? Come and have a check on my book of life.

Doctor: I am certainly not worried of lower blood pressure, cause you in my life surely can act as vasopressin.

Porn addict to hot chick: Were you born in rehab? You can definitely save me a lot fortune and gruesome efforts to get over my addiction.

IT security developer: Will you be the next security patch in my life cause I feel really vulnerable to the threat of being single forever?

Hopelessly romantic office admirer: Your smile is the appetizer and voice is the sweetest dessert I savour every weekday in office canteen.

Validation seeker: I do not use pick up lines anymore, my boss just hates one liner email and that’s how I wasted my talent. Are you impressed with it or shall I write a new one?

Drunkard:Are you kidding? They can talk on all serious topics around the world on remotely known languages but don’t think about pick up lines cause they are happily high. 🙂


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