humans needed you for purification of their souls.
White blood of Goddess Parvati, inviolable for mere mortals.
Shiva’s trident slit an artery of holy mother,
soul purpose was to invigorate lives across the river.

the witness of a gory battle by it’s bank,
when great king of Macedonia met his match.
Mighty Porus fought heroically and held head high to greek whip,
received kinglike gesture in return that saved his kingship.

given birth to a city of martyrs,
added footfalls to British and Pakistani army warriors.
Flowing through two countries that were once together,
can you again unite their men calling each other brothers?

Captivated by your beauty, tried to find your roots.
Mesmerized by your sound, giving voice to my incoherent thoughts.
Considering myself just to be another admirer,
hard to accept me as a tourist but not traveller.
Lucky the one you meet at the delta,
in my heart unknowingly we only had a platonic affair.


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