Approaching the deadline of Demonetization.

Now as the 50 days have almost come to an end, I, would definitely like to know the impact of demonetization in India as a whole. I believe, every citizen of this country, except people who could not care less about this whole thing due to their lookout for the basic amenities, would agree. Also, people who were affected the most in this move, definitely have rights to know about what we got from this demonetization.

With due respect to everyone, I would like to have the data showing the losses and gains, in short and long term projections as well.

Neither I am overwhelmed by the decision, nor am I crestfallen. Trust me, I am not in a mood to start a debate or argue with anyone. Being a law abiding citizen of this country, I respected the decision and coped up with the situation without much difficulty. Thanks to the urban infrastructure and amenities I was exposed to and supported by. Not everyone in this country was as fortunate as I was.

Heartbreaking was to see a man dying slowly in front of an ATM queue, and people ignoring the whole fiasco just not to miss the two thousand rupees that ATM machines disbursed for limited period of time a day. Yes, money is important to survive. However, I can never agree that all of the passersby or the people standing in the queue had such emergency need for two thousand rupees, that they ignored the man and left him to die on the pavement. Moreover, the news channel could find a video clipping of the incident. Someone might have cared to picture it standing on the queue. It reminded me of the celebrated photograph of Kevin Carter named ‘The vulture and the little girl’. People must remember that Kevin committed suicide afterwards.

Although it may seem to be a frail line in front of a bigger picture. I thought of mentioning this incident as it shocked me.

Now, coming back to the point where I started. Gigantic move like this might not yield desired results overnight or over a month, even a year. I understand. However, can I not expect the research data on the currencies received, exchanges or confiscated throughout this process? I believe, every Indian, who has cooperated in this movement with government has the right to know. Please excuse me with the data released by Prime Minister’s Office. Android users can still download GARV app to see how many villages in India had been connected with power supply. A little lookout with media would let you know that reality is a bit distant from what is being shown in the app. For the app happy users, Enjoy! I would love to have the data from independent auditors.

Cash crunch might take some more time to resolve entirely. Considering the limited infrastructures in mint and cash loving economy in India. Pathway to E-India is not at bay but definitely would require some additional simpler infrastructural reforms and introduction of masses to the technicalities involved in it. Long way to go in this latter aspect as number of mobile phones sold in the market is way much higher than the number of users using those.

We need information such as the cost borne by this entire operation of demonetization, cash lost due to this process by not recovering from market and confiscated amount of forged notes if any. Moreover, the tax amount received in central coffers which could mean more subsidy in gases and petroleum, better roads etc. needs to be publicized. Definitely there should be some rewards for the citizens. Again, this might not be a possibility within a month or year.

I am not questioning the more than frequent rule changes in last couple of days. If at all possible, this should be taken as a lesson learnt, that needs to be implemented in further reforms.

I will look forward to the next reform that our Prime Minister announced earlier, although he did not mention what it was and how it was to be brought into public. I just wish that, there will be much more planning next time rather than doing as and when possible by the situation. Reforms are mandatory for a nation to move forward, however, bringing in place another reform without assessing the impact of the last one might result into bigger chaos.

I will look forward to the investigation of how the militants received new currency way before the ex-chief minister of Kashmir lay his hands on? 😦

I will look forward to the change of pelting guns used in Kashmir. 😦

I will look forward to the details of black money confiscated within and outside India. 🙂

I will look forward to the eradication of oppressions on lower caste people. 😦

I will look forward to all the issues that moved to page two of the dailies post demonetization announcement. I will definitely look forward to a better India.



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