Hooking up with a quote.

We are very often hooked by quotes. Most of the times, we either look at the person behind a quote and like it or, the quote itself describes a small part of us that we like very much. Rest are quotes of wisdom that we understand, would make us prosper if followed properly.

Why only quotes? What is wrong with messages that we get from the life or teachings of a person we admire? Why can’t our past experiences motivate us to progress forward? Why do we need quotes to remind us our resolutions? Why do we need quotes to achieve a behavioural change that we wish to inculcate in our self?

Primary reason could be the short length of a quote and the crisp message it conveys. A quote, which is much more appealing, tend to be short and to the point. It is easier to remember and many a times the structure of a quote is often rhythmic. Due to this nature, it is much more appealing to the audience. Although, I do not possess any statistical data to support my view but, for Facebook and Twitter generations, who lack the time to think over a long prose or piece, a quote is definitely a winner to get the attention it requires.

A quotes is like the moral of a fable. Even you forget the story, the moral is sufficient to make you remember the rest. Even though you do not remember the entire story, you need not to worry. The fabulist is successful if the moral of a story could leave a long and positive impression in your mind.

If the person behind a quote matters to you, I would recommend to verify the source of the quote. Believing every quote just for the sake of the person who said it, could mislead you often as all websites or any other printed materials that we come across are not trustworthy enough.

An image could also convey strong message in a very short span of time and inflict an amazing idea to the viewers mind. However, for complex illustrations, just skimming through the image will not bring desired result. It will require some attention to recreate the illustration in you mind for longer lasting effect, where as, words , once read could create longer lasting impression. Very often we tend to remember one or two quotes entirely after watching a whole movie for the very first time.

In my opinion, words leave a longer lasting footprint on the shores of our mind. Words in longer forms, such as novels, create an imaginary world in our subconscious and has the ability to make us travel back in time to see what might have happened on this earth. Such is the power of words on our mind.

Quotes are of no difference. With an addition to that, it gives us inspiration from people we admire or successful in their respective ways.  I would like to end this post with a quote from one of my favourite authors, Ms Ayn Rand. I came across this quote today in Facebook and this had inspired me to write this post.

“Words [are] a lens to focus one’s mind” — Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged).






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