Find What you love and let it kill you. — Charles Bukowski.

I recently stumbled upon a page where I encountered some quotes of Charles Bukowski. I had no prior idea of who he was. I was just killing time so, I started skimming through the page. The very first quote I encountered is the quote mentioned in header. It was quite inspiring.

Now a days, you never run out of inspirational quotes with the help of internet. With abundance in supply of inspirational quotes and talks, comes less involvement with any one of them in particular. You could find innumerable quotes for every situation of your life. Most of the time you encounter conflicting quotes and instead of being resolute to the condition, it is quiet possible to lose your mind and stop thinking about any of the words that any of the famous people said. For this reason only, I tend to forget most of the quotes soon after reading those. Mostly people who have some sort of recognition are expected to have some quotes tagged to them. I tend to very well ignore most of them, not by choice, but by habit.

Still.There were some truth with this quote of Bukowski. He actually found what he loved and let it kill him. He found his true love of writing and went on with it. Initially he got frustrated with the whole publication process and resorted to drinking, which he enjoyed to the fullest. Now, neither I encourage nor endorse alcohol, but, Bukowski’s spell with alcohol was much different than that of the the amateurs. He lived a life in Los Angeles, in cheap renting homes. He worked as a menial worker in pickle factories and did not write post failures with publication process. He lived with very low class people (By economy) and later on, wrote extensively on their lives. He published poems and short stories in cheap pulp magazines extensively.

His low key living helped him write extensively on the lifestyle he shared with others. Being truthful to his writings, he did not differentiate among literary magazines and pulp ones. Which boasts the success of this quote.

In our society, we are often helpless to choose one form of profession rather than what we love the most, just to play safe. To live a better life, we often have to sacrifice our true calling. Bukowski is one such inspiration for those who have the guts to follow their first calling and stick to it no matter what.

I have only respect for him.


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