Run Forrest, run.

Can you see me running? Yes,  I am running. Most of us are constantly running. Either away from someone or something or chasing someone or something that we do not have.

Do you remember Tom Hanks running as fast as he could, to get away from the fellow students who bullied him. Both hands swaying back and forth, to maintain balance with running legs. Tom, not looking back ever.

We are also running like that. Sometimes to survive the cycle of needs and necessities, sometimes to satisfy our neverending greed, sometimes to cope up with unrequited love, sometimes to please everyone around and so on.

Out of these, running away from unrequited love is my favourite. 

I have a friend who liked a girl since the very beginning of our college days. He talked abour his feelings extensively with proper expressions, purely apt, to almost everyone in our class. However, he did not utter a single word in front of the girl he liked. Once the college was over and still he did not say a word the girl, I asked him the reason behind keeping reticence. He explained a lot of things bolstering his reason of not being able to make the girl understand him. We all knew that my friend never ever actually told the girl how he felt for her. The things I could make sense of from the talk was, utter pleasure to devour from self imposed unrequited love. It is running away from someone , just to run for something that is far more beguiling, to be tragic hero of our own story. 

We run for higher income, not knowing what we are losing on the way, not knowing where to stop and look back.

We have peta bytes of songs ready to be downloaded in one touch, not having a clear playlist in mind, not listening an entire song but play the next. 

We have old photographs kept away in old boxes, just not to be opened and enjoyed again. We have newer photographs stored in Google drive or Facebook, just to be forgotten in a week.

We have abundant supply of self-help theories, without compassion to practice.

Why? Why? Why?

Are we running away from ourselves, just to be accepted by others? 

Are we running away from success within, just to imitate what others perceive as successful?

Are we running just to run, not knowing when to stop? 

I don’t have answers, but I believe​ the answers are easier to get once we denounce how others perceive our own lives. 

As Bob Dylan said ” The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.”


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