Mio Amore!!!

You buy a tour package for your parents, for no apparent occasion. They keep on sulking for the unnecessary budget planning and complain about hazards of long time travelling without others. You somehow manage to take them to station. You board the train along with them and find the appropriate place for luggage. The train honks the final bell. You get out of the compartment and hurry to get to the window where they are seating against. The train starts moving. Your parents sway their hands to bid you good bye. Both of them are smiling. You could not have said it otherwise. You mumble it in the air to pass on the word to them.

You plan a family outing, after a long time. A day of wholehearted merriment. You reach the park and spread bed-sheet on the ground. Start unpacking breakfast. Suddenly the youngest member in your family is eager to play football. You are compelled to leave the task at hand start playing with the football. The kid kicks the ball at you and it passes through your legs. the kid shouts: “Goal! Goal!”. You say it.

Leisure hour at any point of time. You try to escape from the task at hand. You just could not keep going with it, so you look for solace in the music instrument you play or carve in your thoughts in a sheet of paper. You carry on without thinking about the rest of the world. You reach the peak of joy as you go on with your play. After you finish, the tune still wandering in your mind or you look at your brainchild on paper. You say it.

Sunday afternoon. After a sumptuous homemade meal, you come to your room alone. Play a soothing music in your sound system. Turn on the ceiling fan to escape scorching heat from outside. Pull down curtains, just enough to challenge the darkness. Sit on the bed with the book you are reading. Gradually, the read compels you to relax and lie on bed, downwards. Keeping head away from resting, just enough to read the book kept in front of you, senses become numb gradually when you are not able to read anymore. You keep aside the book and suddenly look at the pillow lying in front of you. You lose control over your hands and reach out for the pillow. You pull the pillow and put it beneath your head. Sigh. You say it.

Small gathering at a friend’s place. You enter late in the evening. Same good old people, old occasion to enjoy. You sit on a bean bag kept at one side, lean on to the wall. Cozy , friendly atmosphere to relax in. You start the conversation with anyone on any random topic. You talk less, listen more. Shortest getaway from mundane routine could not have been better than this. After a while, snacks are served and you help yourself with a nibble or two. The host arrives with the drinks. You are handed with a round glass of golden yellow liquid. You fill your lungs with the rich aroma. A small sip of the single malt whiskey melts your heart. You say it looking at the glass.

You meet the person, whom you started making commitments for life. You people meet at a cafe in the early evening. You talk over a cup of coffee or tea. Talk incessantly and listen even more. Giddiness fills​ the air. Suddenly you realise that it’s time to get back to home. You take a bus. Your bus stop comes first. You get down. You ought to cross the road on your right. The bus moves forward and abruptly halts in a traffic signal, couple of feet away. You are matured enough to let go but the teenage excitement crops up in your mind and you walk towards the bus. You reach the window against which the person is sitting, looking at another direction. To grab the attention, you knock on the glass. The person looks at you and smiles. You smile back. The traffic light turns green. You say it in your mind.




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