How are you more likely to make an important decision? By reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I believe, reason always points you to the decision that you should be thriving for whereas, gut points to the decision you want the most to happen.

To some extent, I tend to possess the indecisiveness, as part of my central character. The one and only reason being, trying to maintain utmost balance in the outcome. In this way, I do justice to my sun sign (Libra). 🙂

Some of the decisions are meant to be taken using expert advice. For an example, important medical decision, for which, we, general people, lack the knowledge and experience. We often require multiple expert opinions to reach to an agreeable solution. If all experts are pointing to same sort of solution, we are eager to comply. However, given arising conflicts among the expert opinions, we tend to lose focus. We try to analyze the risk to benefit ratio and other factors. The problem is, we have some information, data rather, upon which we calculate risk to benefit, and remain unsure of the demography and other useful factors which had been considered to derive the final data. We either rely on trusted physician or check for past history of similar problems among our acquaintances. Although, solution suggested by physician is reason driven, we only abide by the gut feeling that their suggestion is the best way to proceed further.

Politics has become a part of our life, no matter how much we want to keep it at bay. When it comes to elect a representative of municipality, state or central government, we try to reason in our mind. If we are connected to a particular agenda or party, we are sure to cast our vote for them. However, for the rest of the people, it is a decision that should be taken through proper reason other than self-interest. We definitely want to go by reason, but, are often misguided by media or published (not public) opinions. Then, we start criticizing all the candidates in place. It becomes evident that no one is better or worse than the other. Before the poll, we tend to follow our instinct based on incidents in recent past and at the final day, we cast our votes based on that.

In family matters, if we have an authoritarian alpha male or female in house, most of the decisions are to be taken only after consulting with him/her. The issue is, whenever we discuss on a matter, all of us have a gut feeling to go with some issue and we tend to put forward logics to bolster our gut feelings. Finally the argument that wins, depends mostly on how it was represented and who represented it. Although we reach to a conclusion that appears to be entirely logical at that point but, we must not forget that the reasons were there to corroborate the gut feeling of one of the persons involved in the discussion, who was able to put forward his/her argument better than anyone else did. Again, gut wins the logic.

In mundane decisions, like owning a new cell phone or anything that is not part of our basics, we are bombarded with lots of choices. Checking through pros and cons of these items could only confuse you. I believe, entire logical conclusion is far reached as lot of other factors like affordability, personal liking or disliking play pivotal role in decision making. Pure logical reasoning can’t take you towards your final decision.

I think that unlike computer science, life is not binary. There is no only good or only bad aspect of any decision we make. I try to trust my gut feeling and settle for “Good Enough”.

What about you?


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