See, madness, as you know, is like gravity: all it takes is a little push.

Whenever I hear or read this phrase, I can only visualize the scene from Batman movie, he dark knight. The husky voice of Heath Ledger (Joker), his wide open grinning face piercing all frozen hearts and inflicting sudden emotional outburst. 🙂

Madness to the outer world is, deviating from the norms that our society, culture, religion teaches us to abide by. These norms do vary worldwide, so are the definitions of madness. I am not talking about criminals here. It is the idiosyncrasies that make all of us vulnerable to madness, unless you are real life example of Ayn Rand novel characters, Howard Roark or John Galt.

It is the peculiarities of our minds and gullibility (prominent or recessive) that makes us vulnerable to madness.

War is madness. Don’t you agree? What about power lust, which is the mother of war? Consider the latest bombing on Syria by USA. It is the common people of Syria who are suffering from the side effects of international politics, they are even not aware of.

“It was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror”, said Donald Trump.

Did USA just invent missiles that would keep the babies in safe place and only kill the adults within the explosion radius? I am not aware. I will be grateful to know if any helpful and knowledgeable reader can point it out to me.

It is a splendid show of muscle power, indeed. A gentle push from Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad to include Trump in their league. Divided by self-interests on common intention.

Love is madness. Don’t you agree? 🙂

Madness inflicted by Karan Johar movies, grandeur love stories of eminent authors etc.

The moment you realize that teenage love is a magical spell, cast upon privileged few, you are welcomed by the silly stories of your friends falling in and out relationships. Beguiled by its captivating charm, you are in search of your own love story. No matter how small or big, no matter how realistic or drawn far from reality, you keep on searching true love of life. Knowing that you are whole to yourself, you try to make a vacant space in your heart and life, just to accommodate that special person in your life.

Luckiest are those who have a story of unrequited love to share. They can only initiate a series of discussions on what could have been. You are surprised by over occurrences of words like “What if”, “But”, “Hope so” etc. in those discussions. You are again charmed by the enchanted spell of heart break whenever you have someone else sharing their story with you. You are amazed by the glory of heart break, as published in every form of media you are in exposed to, ranging from FM radio stations to scribbles to Facebook posts.

Like war, love also has only one starting point, but it ends differently for everyone else. That is why, I do not want to discuss about any of the endings.

The journey should be enjoyable, no matter how worthy the destination is. Otherwise, death would have been desired than life at any point because, death is the final destination for every living things.

These are madness that needs to be mulled upon. Mostly, conquerors of war and unrequited love makes it to the pages of history of madness.

N.B: Writing based upon a WordPress prompt. “Create a post with a favourite movie quote of yours”.


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