Abortion: Choice or Murder?


As a child, I was told that it was a bad omen to kill a firefly and I might lose an eye in return, if I killed one.

Terminating any form of life before its natural life span on this earth is killing. The termination can be done at any biological development phase. Nevertheless, we kill humans as well as other life forms for various other reasons. Some killings are done to maintain the food pyramid. Some killings are done to maintain ecological balance. Even some killings are done to provide security and shelter for a nation or race, by the name of war. If we consider all these killings which are being committed without any prosecution all over the planet are different ways of survival, Survival for human race on earth. Any killing, which does not come under the aegis of survival canopy, is a murder.

Prematurely terminating a life which has just started to take its initial shape is abortion. Medical abortion uses medicine to end the life of the fetus within mother’s womb. It is somewhat similar to putting someone out of life support who has very high chances of surviving. I definitely consider this to be murder.

Being the most advanced species on earth, we have the blessings to bring another self to life. With that blessing, comes responsibility to protect our future generation as well.

We are definitely not a computer program which can be aborted without the highest degree of necessity and can be started once again afresh. Our conscience is what makes us superior than the machines. And this conscience teaches us not to kill without the necessity of survival.

Now, consider a scenario, where it is quite obvious that the mother is unlikely to survive the pregnancy and delivery due to ill health condition or medical complexities. In that case, we have a choice and an obvious choice to save the mother. For the rest, it is very difficult for me to term abortion as a choice rather than a murder.

I am from India. Abortion is not illegal in here up till a certain period of pregnancy and if the pregnancy could cause mental illness or grave health issues for mother. However, prenatal sex determination is held to be a criminal offence. If it had not been so, people would have had the choice of abortion based on gender preferences. Prenatal sex determination was a choice earlier and due to this, the male to female ratio had hit lowest in many parts of this country. I hope, the readers can understand the cause of this grave situation and consequences as well. That is how a choice to abort a baby boasted a misogynistic propaganda.

Killing a fetus should never be a choice. The very idea of having a baby in the first place is the one choice we have. With currently available contraceptives, we have scope of further choice to make in case of any unlikely situations, to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Every coming generation is the torchbearer of human race towards the future. Theory of evolution suggests that forthcoming human beings are smarter, more evolved and far more adaptive to the environment. Every abortion loses the possibility to have a human being of another genetic variation. We might have lost another Albert Einstein or Beethoven already without knowing. Every time we made a choice to abort a baby, we made a choice of execution even before the victim could prove their worth. 

Killing a firefly can never cost anyone their eye sight. However, with time, killings of fireflies may cost us the heavenly sight of fireflies illuminated nights on a beach.


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  1. I’m just spellbound…


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