Livin la vida loca!!!!

Living the crazy life!!!!

When I got to watch the song for the first time in a music channel (Back in 1999), I was only 13. Instantly, the groovy rhythm and flashy music video got my attention. I became a Ricky Martin fan. I was not sure what the phrase meant. Somehow, I managed to get the phrase by reading the name of the song displayed on footnote of the television screen. 🙂

Way afterwards, thanks to a local magazine, I got to know the meaning of this Spanish phrase as Google Translator was not at my disposal back then. Previously, I listened to only “The cup of life” by him as it was official song of the Fifa world cup, 1998. Scarcity of western music cassettes in my area made me tune into some specific music channels to listen to these songs.

I must admit, I couldn’t decipher much of the meaning and wordings as I was not accustomed to fluent English speaking. However, the tune had me captivated enough to listen to them without understanding literal meaning, leave alone their inferences.

Till date, this song has a mood altering effect on me. Not sure of the reason. Maybe, the instant teenage chemistry with this song invigorates my mind till now. It works like a panacea for my depressed mind many a time.

The entire song revolves around a spicy encounter of the singer with a sassy lass with red lipstick and coffee coloured skin, probably a latina, in new York city. He goes on with describing how she behaves with him and what effect she had on the singer. He restrains himself of describing her physique other than the skin colour and colour of lipstick. Carefully omitting other details, gave all the listeners ample amount of scope to imagine what the singer didn’t disclose. 🙂

Everything that the singer described in the song surely was a part of crazy life that we see rock stars living, at least we think so. Thanks to Nickelback for upholding this view of rock star life in a sarcastic way, in their song of the name ‘Rockstar’.

Now, coming to crazy life. Ricky Martin, who later came out of the closet as a gay, popularized a song based on heterosexuality at it’s peak. It mustn’t have been that difficult for him to sing that song as a singer. He was one very successful artist of his time, leading in the pathway that leads from Spanish to English singing industry.

Was it difficult for him to portray a part of the society which was acceptable, when his own orientation was behind the closet? This question comes to my mind. I know actors do portray different roles which they are not in daily life and they are called versatile actors for that reason. Likewise, pitching a perfect tone for a song is the talent and hard work of a great singer like him. However, being a gay behind the closet, and singing a song like this could have made him think sometimes of what he was constantly hiding from the world. For a personal life of a star like him not supposed to live within the perimeter of his house but reign on tabloids as well.

Despite living the life of a sensational singer or star rather, that ordinary people crave for, Ricky Martin might have thought of his identity as a dual one. 

Wasn’t it a crazy life for Ricky back then? What do you think?


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